May 25, 2023

In many cases, working out the problem with your property’s air conditioning systems can be challenging. However, several common air conditioning system issues can arise in some cases – and keeping these in mind could help you understand the problems you’re experiencing with your own systems.

The Top AC Issues and Their Solutions

Struggling to keep your AC unit working efficiently? You should be aware of several common AC issues that might be the culprit behind this. Keeping these in mind can help you decide when you should get support from your expert local HVAC team.

#1 Turning On and Off

One of the most frequently reported issues experienced by AC owners is the air conditioning system turning on and off, often repeatedly. This can be exceptionally frustrating, of course. Nonetheless, it’s not necessarily a major problem. Usually, it just means that the air filters are clogged with dust or debris; alternatively, it might suggest that the thermostat needs recalibration.

#2 Unit Keeps Tripping

It’s a similar issue to our first point, but on a much more serious level. If you notice that your appliance keeps tripping, there’s likely a major issue with the installation of the system. Alternatively, this could suggest that your AC has the wrong circuit breaker or wiring. These will naturally need replacing if any such issues are found.

Fortunately, a local HVAC team should be able to help you determine whether this problem is easy to fix (or not).

#3 Ice Around the AC Coil

Have you ever noticed ice shards forming around the coil in your air conditioning system? This can be a worrying discovery, but it doesn’t have to be the case. In many cases, it’s simply the result of blocked or dirty blower fans or ducts. Cleaning these may fix the issue.

#4 Strange Smells

Your air conditioning system shouldn’t smell funny! While, in some cases, strange smells can be the result of the AC pulling in air from outside of the property that’s got a bad smell about it if you notice a musty stench, this could indicate the appliance itself has a problem.

There can be several causes for this. Clogged air filters, poor wiring, and overheating are among the most common. Improper drainage of the system may also pose a problem, in some cases.

Turn the System Off Immediately!

It might seem like a bad smell is pretty harmless, but this isn’t always the case. If the problem is due to the system overheating, this could represent a major fire risk – putting the entire property (and those within it) at risk. Don’t chance it; turn the system off immediately to avoid dangers.

#5 Unusual Noises

Just as your air con shouldn’t smell, it should also be relatively quiet to run. While some AC units will generate a whirring noise during use, you should always get professional support immediately if you notice misplaced or untoward sounds. For example, clanging pipes, loud bangs, or excessively loud whirring could all indicate a problem. Luckily, professional HVAC teams can help identify the issue and resolve it, so there’s no further risk going forward.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been having trouble with your air conditioning system, understanding the most common AC issues is important. Indeed, in many cases, air con systems can seem to go down right when we need them the most – but, with the right approach, homeowners can often overcome the issue, which can help you stay comfortable at home in turn.

Why leave it to chance; make sure you’ve considered today’s common AC issues to see whether you’ll need to call out a local, expert repair team, like the pros at Indoor Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, to help.

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