May 24, 2023

Top AC Issues and Their Solutions – Part 1

Experiencing problems with air conditioning can be a major nuisance. However, if your property has encountered AC issues, you don’t just have to accept defeat and suffer in silence.

Indeed, in the majority of cases, there are relatively simple solutions to AC issues. This can help restore your property’s systems to their normal working order. And, when these seem hard to find, hiring a top AC repair team can help ensure that the issues don’t get out of hand.

The Top AC Issues and Their Solutions You Might Face

Struggling with your air conditioning systems? No one likes being left in a hot and stuffy room, but luckily, with quick thinking and a little investigative work, these issues are usually simple to repair. However, getting a professional HVAC team out to help is vital to ensure you don’t miss something important or accidentally make the problem worse!

#1 AC Not Turning Off

One of the most commonly reported faults people experience with their air con units is that the appliance doesn’t turn off. This can get expensive very quickly and even result in the space getting too cold. Not a great result!

There are multiple causes for your AC to not turn off. With this thought in mind, making sure you’ve called out the professionals to check the common signs is important. Most often, this will be in relation to the thermostat fan, but there are other causes that can also lead to issues.

#2 AC Not Turning On

At the opposite end of the spectrum, what if your air con isn’t turning on? Non-functional air conditioning troubleshooting can be a little difficult, since there are several possible causes. A tripped circuit breaker or loose wiring may be among the most common reasons, although the problem could also relate to something in the system itself.

As with most repairs, leaving this one to the experts is important. Don’t try a DIY fix; it’s surprisingly easy to make the issue worse!

#3 Hot Air Coming Out

If hot air seems to be coming out from the system, rather than cool air, you’re most likely facing some sort of blockage, be it a dirty air filter, an obstructed duct, or some form of debris overall.

These problems with air conditioning are easy to prevent by changing filters regularly and cleaning out the ducts. But, if you’re struggling with hot air coming out, a pro can also come out to make sure things are fully cleaned and that the refrigerant levels are suitable.

#4 No Cool Air Provided by the Air Con

Sometimes, the air conditioning system appears to be working – but when you take a closer look, it’s just circulating air t the same temperature. This is often due to a tripped circuit breaker, which your HVAC experts should be able to resolve in no time at all. It could also be because the blower belt has worn out with repeated usage, or even something as simple as the system running low on refrigerant or water.

#5 Leaks

A final AC issue you may have experienced on your property is a leak appearing to come from the appliance. Indeed, if liquid is dripping from your air conditioning unit, this definitely isn’t good news, and you’ll need to get this repaired before the system can run efficiently again.

Most often, a leak will be the result of refrigerant seeping out of the system. However, in certain types of units, the leak could also be attributed to water escaping from the appliance. In any case, though, this is bad news for your air con.

Depending on your system type, ACs use different types of liquids to enable cooling. Naturally, they may not be able to work very efficiently if there’s a leak in their water or refrigerant stores. Fortunately, low refrigerant levels are incredibly easy to fix with support from a professional local HVAC team.

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Today, we’ve outlined a handful of solutions to common AC issues you might have faced. However, it’s important to recognize that air conditioning troubleshooting isn’t always straightforward. And, even if you identify the fault, you may not be able to fix this yourself.

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